Social networking apps are undoubtedly one of the most popular applications being used, gaining a lot of attention by both: users as well as developers. With the overall increase of internet access and usage worldwide, the phenomenal growth of social networking apps have become evident.  Along with instant messaging apps, photo sharing, microblogs, business networks to chat apps, social media applications opens a new dimension of internet business.

Furthermore taking into considering the rapid growth of popularity among social media apps the market potential is still increasing. Social Media has exhibited an accelerated shift towards smartphones and tablets. Therefore if you are seeking to develop your own social media app, it is of critical importance to partner with a reliable mobile application development company. If you also hesitate whether to start with Android or iOS, or whether to launch on both platforms, take into consideration that iOS development costs are usually higher with 10 to 15% compared to Android.

The statistic above shows the number of social media users worldwide from 2010 to 2016 with forecast until 2021. In 2019, it is estimated that there will be around 2.77 billion users of social media around the world, up from 2.46 billion in 2017.

The types of Social Media apps

Professional or Personal Networking – These are undoubtedly the most common and notable apps on the market, such as Facebook, Linkedin as well as the Russian Vkontakte and Chinese Renren.

Media Sharing Networks – these are platforms which allow users exchange photo and video content such as: Snapchat, Flickr, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo etc.

Online Reviews – These are apps which enables users to find and analyze all necessary data needed to make a purchasing decision. Yelp is one of the most prominent review app which allows visitors to leave and read reviews by other readers.

Discussion Forums – These are communities or the so-called forums, such as Reddit and Quora, The fundamental idea behind those online communities is knowledge sharing between users.

Interest–Based Networks – The greatest opportunity which social media channels offer is to connect and interact with like minded people.

Social Media Applications’ Development Tips

  • Displaying Creativity – Users should be given the opportunity of showing up their creativity on your app. These are things such as filters for their photos, cover pictures, customized backgrounds etc.
  • Network Building – Of course , when we talk about social media the key aspect is to build our social networking circle. Therefore it is important that developers ensure such adding/finding people can be possible with one click of the mouse button.
  • The Simplicity of Newsfeed – It is of crucial importance to take into consideration the simplicity of the newsfeed and give the option to arrange the newsfeed which best suites the specificity of the application.


One of the most challenging parts of developing a social networking app is the cost estimation while hiring designers and developers for your application. It is highly complicated due to the fact that lots of components need to be taken into account, such as office infrastructure, designing, coding, hosting, marketing etc. Furthermore at Softologic we can ease the whole process by giving you a package price, specifically fitted for your needs and budget. Our Copenhagen Entrepreneurs Package is designed to help small start-ups scale big with as little money as possible.

Therefore if you have any ambitions towards developing your own application do not hesitate to contact us for a FREE consultation and we will provide you with the best possible service!