Enterprise applications have become integral to every company’s digital strategy, irrespective of its size or area of operation. To a great extent this trend can be attributed to the easy access to technologies and integration of IoT with different types of industrial machinery. The greater amount of transparency and reduced dependence on manpower also adds a level of unmatched accuracy that improves business decision-making process.  

We take a look at 5 enterprise app development trend for 2016-17.

1. Less of responsive and adaptive

Responsive design is no longer a want but a need for enterprise applications. Adaptive interfaces that do not compromise on experience or features is expected and scored down heavily by Google too. In fact, responsiveness should be a built-in feature that would be part of the web development project for companies. Just now Google is giving a special responsive badge to websites and web applications that are responsive and even giving higher SEO page ranks as encouragement. These perks will surely fade out in the coming years as the varying device trends comes to the forefront.

2. More of Hybrid apps

Hybrid web and mobile app development is relevant as most companies have adopted BYOD policy to reduce overhead costs. Web applications are expected to be available on mobile devices and offer native experience without compromising on features and functionalities. Also, hybrid application facilitates cost control and rapid development as simultaneous development happens for multiple platforms on a single platform. Even the regular maintenance and support expenses remain under control as knowledge of single platform is sufficient for updating on multiple platforms.

3. Front-end development technologies

Front end technologies such as NodeJS and AngularJS receive greater importance as they will be central to delivering uniform experience in hybrid application development. User interface and user experience will be extremely essential till a uniform web standard appears. Front end technologies enable easy and quick deployment of applications across different browsers.

4. Moving storage to the cloud

As applications have to be fluid and mobile to be accessible on different devices, both desktop and mobile, and the user must receive uniform experience across the multiple platforms, data storage will be an important issue. Cloud storage sync will ensure easy access of real time data across devices and also free device storage space as all data will be stored in a central server with easy access on internet enabled device. In a world that is being flattened by technology, which helps business to be carried beyond territories, this is an essential feature and must be grounded in a secure space..

5. It’s all about IoT

Internet of Thing (IoT) makes electronic devices and heavy machineries answer to vocal commands of the user. It makes data accessible not only on smartphone and tablet, but takes it beyond to wearable devices such as smartwatches. IoT will be gaining traction in years to come and will be central to enterprise web development strategy.

Web development services India and the USA minutely address the evolving business needs in multiple areas, addressing multiple functions. Their development goals resonate with enterprise needs of the next decade at least in planning. That way the businesses can capitalise on current and upcoming trends without increasing overheads arising due to obsolete technologies. An essential aspect in web product development and deployment is also the technology relevance in the immediate future to the business so that no new technologies are pushed onto the business for the sake of its novelty.


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