Our team members have been working on the following projects.

Softologic team collaborates with clients to establish bold, effective identities.


DoSens is intelligent environmental module that is collecting data from heterogeneous sources. It is personalized and user context aware.


Driven by  latest cloud-based Artificial Intelligence(AI) UDoSens delivers IDSS and Lifestyle Reasoning to support the independent living of senior citizens. The solution is build on top ot the open source project eWall.

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Chamba App

Chamba is a mobile application that enhances student’s engagement during lectures and study sessions at school by rewarding them for not using their phones

  • When in the University Campus – open Chamba.
  • When Chamba detects that you are on the Campus, simply lock your screen, and start studying. Chamba will be collecting points for you.
  • Exchange your points (chambas) for rewards available in the app.


Lecturio is interactive medicine e-learning platform and lybrary.


Lecturio’s backbone is an educational concept that is both simple and effective. Lecturio users are able to not only access a vast variety of high-quality medical video lectures—which are produce in own proprietary studios, covering all relevant medical fields and disciplines—but they can also test their knowledge and assess their learning progress by answering interactive quiz questions.


INNINI brings automatization in the chemical industry


INNITI works in the field of technology and Internet of Things (IoT) developing a combined hardware and software solution that supports researchers performing chemical synthesis. Our solution is aimed towards chemical engineers performing R&D work in the chemical, pharmaceutical and beverages industry. INNITI is already in the process of establishing business activities with the cleantech company Aquaporin A/S, and aims at supporting the upscaling of their production, QC and further development of Aquaporin’s research through the development of our product.